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Shahrdari Varamin got the champion of 7th Asian clubs championships

April 14th

7th edition of Asian clubs championships on April 13th 14th 2017 was held in Sari-Iran.

Shahrdari Varamin got the first place, Shohadaye modafe haram of Sari got the second place.
The following teams participated in the mentioned championships (G1); Shahrdari Varamin, Moghavemat, Shohadaye modafe haram of Sari, all from IRAN and Oman,Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq in 5 weight categories competed.
The 4 teams named Shahrdari Varamin, Moghavemat,Shohadayemodafe haram of Sari and Oman were qualified to participate in semifinal.
Then, Shahrdari Varamin and Shohadaye modafe haram of Sari qualified for final and at the end Shahrdari got the champion, Shohadaye modafe haram of Sari got the second place, Moghavemat got the third place without no more competitions.
Oman did not take part in the contests for third place because, its
Players were injured and got the forth place.
The individual results in 7th Asian clubs championships are as follow;

shahrdari Varamin- Shohaday Modafe Haram Sari
Abolfazl Ghashghaei10-Mehdi Mahmoudi13
Aryan Mohammadi19-Alireza Khalili5
Mehdi Jalaly18-Ehsan Amini11
Alireza Darvishpour5-Erfan Heydari3
Hossein Ghorbanzadeh4-Mohammad Khaksar 0

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Date:23:13   4/14/2017


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